I have the Omni SB1 Plus sound bar and subwoofer connected wired and it still pops/thumps when turned on (after sound bar on but sub pops even after sound bar turned off so sound bar not really off right away, I guess). it only happens when the reciever is turned on. Hey, i just got a subwoofer and its making this annoying buzz/hum sound. Leave the subwoofer plugged in and switched on. When it happens it is usually right when I turn the car on, because I shut the radio off before I shut the car off. I had a subwoofer installed about 6 weeks ago and it sometimes makes noise even when the radio is off. Just be sure to do your research and find the right information to help you with your problems. This hum is caused by the ground voltage potential differences among the system components, power cords and audio/video cables. (Subs Placement Guide). When you apply electricity to materials, you create a field that can make that material resonate and these resonances can create vibrations that can be read by the human ear as sound. (Everything You Should Know), Should Subwoofer Face Wall? If you notice that the static noise is still there, then, you can still use the subwoofer but you need to change the way you connect it to the amplifier. You should try a new subwoofer as well to see if it works good enough. So, let’s talk about this. Although when u turn it up it still makes good bass, but i can hear the sub between track changes. This 60-hertz hum is a direct result of being plugged into an AC wall outlet. A low quality subwoofer isn’t going to be able to produce good output, no matter how high its wattage is. First of all, good day to you! You should be able to get the right idea about what can be done to solve this question. In the Playback tab, locate your speaker device. The circuit in the subwoofer works by creating an electric field that flows through the coils in the subwoofer. 18 inch subwoofer making buzzing noise. piquat: I have the PSW505 Sub-woofer. I checked my wiring all positives and negatives are hooked up correctly. When it comes to selecting a subwoofer, be sure to select one that has an enclosed enclosure. (A Quick Guide), Is Underseat Subwoofer Good? 4 ohms. The danger is when that power is coming from an amplifier that's being overworked and sending out a clipped signal. One of the most annoying -- but difficult to find and solve -- problems that can crop up in a home theater or stereo system, is a ground-loop subwoofer hum. So, why is my subwoofer making a static noise? The most important thing to consider is how sound waves are produced. The subwoofer's auto on/always-on circuit could also be misbehaving, and even if set to "always on", if it senses ANY tiny/slight variation in the signal from the receiver, it may think the receiver is being turned on or turned off. If electrical you could have faulty capacitors on the power supply rails in the amp. If the motor that drives the subwoofer is a solid object, this means that there is no static that has the chance to occur. (Protect Your Speaker), Are Wireless Surround Any Good? Of course, you want to get a subwoofer that has plenty of bass and you don’t want to end up with a subwoofer that sounds like garbage! If it still hums when there's nothing going in, your issue is probably with the sub, which needs repair or replacement. and please can you give me a hand?. This is often caused by poor or non-repairable joints between the motor and the subwoofer. How to build a subwoofer speaker box for mobile dj sound system? Not giving it enough power just means that the music will sound weak and lack detail. Now the cone moves back and forth, creating vibrations in the speaker that are converted to sound waves that are sent out by the speaker. It can be a little or a lot and you need to know why. It took me a second to realize what it was. The best place to find subwoofer woofers is through online stores or manufacturers’ websites. And after that you will have to look at how to solve the problem and put it right. There is a buzzing or humming sound coming from the connected speakers or subwoofer. And what is worse is that you can spend a lot of money for a new subwoofer only to find out later that the person gave you was wrong and that you needed to buy a bigger one. On the other hand, you should also be sure to get a subwoofer woofer that has a filter on it. This usually solves most hum problems. If i put the subwoofer out the rattling noise stops. This is because you will be able to read a review about the product as well as find the dealers that sell the subwoofers. Good luck! If the subwoofer hums, it points to a defective unit. Whenever I turn my subwoofer on, I get a thumping noise (in a rhythym like a heartbeat, volume is steady regardless of what I turn the volume to). This is a long shot though and I still think the receiver is the problem. We also share information about your use of our site with our social media, advertising and analytics partners who may combine it with other information that you’ve provided to them or that they’ve collected from your use of their services. The speaker should be installed in a location where the air flow is lower than the normal air flow in the vehicle. You can’t buy subwoofers on the internet if you don’t have the best price or the best quality. In order to understand this, you need to know a little bit about electromagnetism. Static noise is caused by an object that is under the motor of the subwoofer woofer. When there is no signal, the subwoofer automatically switches itself off (as it should). I then turned the power to "Off" instead of "Auto", and now I hear rattling (1-2 seconds) every 5-10 minutes. A bad or defective subwoofer woofer can have static in it. As long as you know how a subwoofer makes noise when turned on, you will be able to achieve better performance out of them. Right-click on it and select Properties. Is pushing 180 watts to a 300 watt rms subwoofer ok? At completely random times, the subwoofer will start to make thumping noises.