Frozen Burst Pipe Repair in the Toronto & GTA. We provide Toronto pipe leak repair service including full leak detection for commercial and residential properties. High winds during the winter months can cause water to freeze in pipes and results in problems with water flow, flooding, and severe damage, which can lead to your home or basement flooding. The Best Plumbers For Pipe Repairs In Toronto And GTA. We repair all plumbing pipe types: lead, plastic, cast iron and even the hidden ones. The information you find here will make it easy when your cherished heirloom needs a little help. Frozen Pipe Prevention and Repair Services in Toronto and the GTA. We provide a full range of residential plumbing services in Toronto and the Surrounding GTA. Pipepatch’s No Dig, trenchless solution solved both the sand and water infiltration with a permanent pipe point repair in 90 minutes. Burst Pipe. Frozen pipes are a huge hassle to deal with. Get A Free Quote. There’s an especially high risk of frozen pipes as winter approaches. The expert plumbers at Priority Plumbing can assist you with any form of sink issue you may have. Pipe Repair. Reviews on Pipe Repair in Toronto, ON - Mike The Plumber 4 U, The Maple Roots, ADP Toronto Plumbing, Atre Drain and Plumbing, Toronto Sewer and Drain Services, Royal Plumbing Services, Parkdale Plumbing, Dima Plumbing, Viper Home Services, Anta Plumbing Pipe Repair Services From Toronto's #1 Plumber. Pipes tend to spring leaks on Saturday nights, after your friendly Toronto plumber has left for the annual union banquet. You could call an emergency plumber or a 24 hour plumber, or you could wait until morning to call a City of Toronto licensed plumber to come have a look at your leaking pipe. Flint, MI turned to S1E to remedy a sewer repair that was creating a sinkhole and causing the street to collapse. So, how can we deal with frozen pipe repair? When you have a problem with frozen pipes, you need to have them repaired and thawed as soon as possible. Schedule Frozen Pipe Repair Service in the Greater Toronto Area. We are a full service shop for tobacco pipe repair, smoking pipe restoration, antique meerschaum pipe curator service, tobacco pipe stem replacement, and hand cut custom tobacco pipe stems. Call 416-486-0000. Many people throughout Toronto and GTA are interested nowadays in lead pipe replacement since they want to renovate their water main pipe system to get cleaner water and a more effective supply of it. Pipe Repair Services From Toronto's #1 Plumber. Though, in the houses that had been built before the 1970s, this material was widely used for the pipes. This is a serious issue as the blockage of water can result in bursting of pipes and water flowing through the home and basement causing serious damage to the home or business area. The extensive breeze throughout the winter season can make water freeze in the pipes and even burst. Our Licensed Plumbing Experts at New Canadian Drain & Plumbing can help you to prevent your pipes from freezing! Book Your Pipe Repair Service Now! Plumbing pipes are like the arteries of the home, and much like in the body they work diligently throughout the house. In many cases, you might not even notice the leak right away, and it can go on leaking water and possibly caus Leaking pipes can cause all sorts of problems for Toronto homeowners. DIY Emergency Pipe Repairs. View this video on Vimeo! This underground repair saved the city time, resources, and money. The Sewer Squad Plumbing & Drain Services’ team of expert plumbers is specially trained with the industry’s finest tools and techniques to deliver unparalleled plumbing services to all Toronto residents. At this time, no incoming water pipes are made of lead. Priority Sink Service in Toronto If you’ve got any problems with your sink , let Priority Plumbing make them disappear with prompt and professional service.